My first-ever podcast/radio segment. This story features Ari Friedlaender, a marine ecologist at UC Santa Cruz, who jumped on the opportunity to compare humpback whale stress in response to boat traffic noise both during and after the pandemic shutdown. Reported from a zodiac skiff on Monterey Bay, and originally aired on KSQD.


Mushroom sequencing at the University of California, Santa Cruz Arboretum

Research profile of UC Santa Cruz sophomore Julien Pometta, who collects native and non-native fungi to learn about their associations with trees.

*1080p playback recommended*

Larval Aquaculture at the University of Texas marine science institute

Compilation video of the first 20 days of life for a red drum larva (Sciaenops ocellatus). Images scaled for continuity in total length. All images and composite video created by me.

*1080p playback recommended*

Morning in Moss Landing

My first ever film project in which I convey a "sense of place" at the Moss Landing Harbor.

*1080p playback recommended*


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