Cypress Hansen

Science, Art and Interpretation

Studying microplastic, larval ecology and

comb jellies as a marine biologist was

thought-provoking and fascinating work.

But when I got to share stories about my research

with lab visitors and watch their faces light up

with curiosity—those were the best days.

After dabbling in science education and outdoor interpretation, teaching science to special needs college students and leading my own tidepooling tours, I enrolled in the U.C. Santa Cruz Science Communication Master's Program.

I have since written for Knowable Magazine, Mercury News, Scientific American, Smithsonian Voices and more, about a range of topics including wildfire, noise pollution, whales, mosquito diversity and fungi.

As the daughter of several generations of artists, I also create nature-inspired art through various media. My illustrations have appeared in print and my photos have been featured alongside several stories.

Today, I am the Science Communications Manager at the

San Diego Natural History Museum

Sifting through the contents of a plankton tow in the 'Pelagic Magic' lab at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Getting to know coastal critters of the Monterey Peninsula as an independent tidepool tour guide

Assisting a catch-and-release rockcod study inside Point Lobos State Marine Reserve to discern long-term success

of marine protected areas