Cypress Hansen

Science, Interpretation, and creativity

Studying microplastic, larval ecology, and comb jellies as a marine biologist was thought-provoking and fascinating work. But when I got to share stories about my research with lab visitors and watch their faces light up with curiosity—those were my best days as a scientist.

After dabbling in science education and leading my own tide-pooling tours, I attended the Science Communication Master's Program at U.C. Santa Cruz.

I have since written for Knowable Magazine, Mercury News, Scientific American, Smithsonian Voices, and more, about a range of topics including wildfire, noise pollution, whales, mosquito diversity, and fungi.

As the daughter of several generations of artists, I also create nature-inspired art through various media. My illustrations have appeared in print and my photos have been featured alongside several published stories.

Today, I am the Science Communications Manager at the San Diego Natural History Museum.

Sifting through the contents of a plankton tow as a researcher with the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Getting to know coastal critters of the Monterey Peninsula as an independent tidepool tour guide

Assisting a catch-and-release rockcod study inside Point Lobos State Marine Reserve to discern long-term success of marine protected areas

Setting live traps for ringtail cats in the foothills of San Diego as part of a larger study aimed at preventing ringtail roadkill